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Presenting the MoneyMakerTube

YouTube, presented in 88 countries across the world, reaches more millennials than any cable network. The world’s largest video-sharing network, boasting more than one billion users in its community, reports that around 3 billion hours of video content is consumed each month.

YouTube Marketing – Full of Opportunities

  • 73% of customers convert to make a purchase or sign up for a service after watching an informative video on YouTube.
  • A corporate video of a business leaves a positive impression on 71% of the customers.
  • It’s a perception of 60% of the customers that a company is more trustworthy when it provides video content on YouTube.

Money Maker Tube -The Massive Traffic Generator

We want to tell you a secret.

Money Maker Tube

Many popular YouTube publishers are unaware of the power of YouTube Description Box. But you can monetize it for your business.

Do you know how?

Try the MoneyMakerTube Marketing Tactic

There is a plethora of videos on YouTube, related to your niche of business, attracting thousands of views, likes, comments and shares. The best part of the publishers is not using the Description box to the fullest. They are not placing any links in the video descriptions. You can offer something to the creator and he/she can add your link to their channel as well as in their video-descriptions and thus, can reach millions of users easily.

A Win-Win situation for Creators and Marketers

A Significant Impact on Your Business

Once a video gains popularity, it goes on viral. People love to learn more about the subject or the publisher from the description. They even like to click any link presented in the description. But most of the publishers don’t place any links in their descriptions.

If you play the game well, it will be your link what people are going to click on. As they are popular and well SERP ranked videos, your links will reach millions of people and get thousands of clicks. Thus this outbound marketing on YouTube works well for your business.

Say GoodBye to the Difficulties

Among the billions of videos, you need to find the videos which are Relevant, Popular and without any links in their Description. Daunting, is it?

But it’s no more. We’d put a great effort in making it a hands down for you and the final we made it. Presently Proudly, the new YouTube Marketing Software:

MoneyMakerTube Software

With YouTube Software, You can:
  • Scrape the popular videos with no links in their descriptions.
  • Send personal messages to the publishers
  • Coax them to keep your link in the description
  • Make a fruitful marketing on YouTube

Money Maker Tube

Start To Get Results Like This In Minutes

Best Features at a Cheaper Price

  • Extended Functional Area
    YouTube software is not just limited to YouTube. It searches on Google too and scrapes all the top ranked videos. When you are with the top SERP ranked Videos, a great reach for your business is obvious.
  • Scraper
    Among the billions of videos on YouTube, you have to search for the videos of your niche and with no links in the description. Our smart scraping feature makes it is for you.
  • Auto Messaging
    After getting a massive list of publishers, you need to send a personal message to the publishers asking them to share your links in their videos’ descriptions. This bulk action can be done in no time with YouTube Software.
  • Best Hiding Features
    YouTube Software supports multiple proxies and time-delay features. So there is no chance of your IP getting blocked.

Start Generating Profit In 3 easy steps

When asked about the aftermaths of using YouTube Software,

  • “I never knew that I can monetize others’ video descriptions for my business. Money Maker Tube has shown me new ways of driving traffic to my website. The smart scraping feature of this software made my work easier and fetch the video what actually suit my business.contacting the publishers was even a simpler task. I put on my thinking cap only while persuading the publishers to place my links in the descriptions. And the rest, Money Maker Tube has taken care of it.“

    It’s not just Kevin, but hundreds of other marketers are also rejoicing the ease of fruitful YouTube marketing.

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Money Maker Tube